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“I’m on a mission to inspire, empower and equip purpose-driven leaders around the world to bounce back from setbacks and build back stronger from adversity.”

What I do

Life often presents us with adversity in the form of external obstacles such as a job layoff, business failure, health crisis, money problems, loss of a loved one, and rocky business or personal relationships. Similarly, many of us face internal obstacles like fear, worry, anxiety, self-doubt, negative self-talk and limiting beliefs. Both types of obstacles often result in higher stress levels and lower productivity, which can leave us feeling stuck. This negatively impacts our quality of life and our organization’s bottom line.

Are you an entrepreneur, an executive, or a leader who has faced or is currently facing any of the above-listed obstacles? What has the result been? Are you still standing tall, or have circumstances knocked you off your feet? Are you just bent, or are you broken? If you’re in the latter category, are you seeking ways to regain your bearings and get back to a position of strength so you can accomplish your goals and fulfill your life’s mission and vision? Well, you’ve come to the right place. I’ve personally experienced all of the above-mentioned obstacles in my life…plus more! Yet, I’ve been able to weather those storms and overcome that adversity by employing simple yet powerful strategies and techniques that have completely transformed my life.

As a result, I’m now on a mission to inspire, empower and equip entrepreneurs, executives, and leaders like you around the world with these same strategies so you too can overcome the obstacles that impede your growth and experience a similar transformational shift. The ultimate outcome is reduced stress and increased profits, productivity and peace of mind for you and your organization. More resilient leaders make more resilient organizations.

I Speak.

As an inspirational speaker and trainer, I will bring passion and authenticity to your next event. Contact me, and we can custom design a presentation that fits your needs.

I Write.

My blog provides you and your team with uplifting messages of hope, faith and triumph that will encourage, inspire, and empower you to press through the pain and overcome whatever life throws at you by changing the way you view adversity.


My story

I’m a professional speaker, business trainer and successful entrepreneur. I’m on a mission to inspire, empower and equip individuals, teams and organizations around the world with proven tools and strategies to conquer adversity, achieve success and become more resilient in the process. I have overcome significant challenges in my personal and professional life that have prepared me to guide you along your journey to success.
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