How To Overcome Adversity In Your Life – Guest Podcast

I was recently interviewed by Corrie LoGiudice, host of the Corrie Lo Radio podcast, where I had the pleasure of sharing my testimony of overcoming adversity.

It was a great conversation with a ton of information. You can find the video and audio versions of the interview on her site at:

What we covered (Episode Notes):
Everyone has a hard knock life. But some of us get knocked around way more than the rest of us.

Today’s guest, Michael K Jackson, has been wrung through the ringer. In his lifetime he’s experienced pretty much every facet of loss ranging from jobs, homes, bankruptcy, divorce, death, and natural disasters.

But Michael chose not to let his adversity get the best of him. Instead, he chose to make adversity his advisor, and not his adversary. In our conversation today, you’ll learn some practical methods to change your thinking around your life challenges so you can start using them to your advantage, instead of stopping you in your tracks.

Here’s the audio version…


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