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Michael K. Jackson is a Caribbean American inspirational keynote speaker, author and Master Trainer specializing in the area of emotional resilience & well-being. As Founder and CEO of Michael K. Jackson International, Michael leverages over two decades of business, ministry, and government leadership experience to advance his mission to inspire, empower, and equip purpose-driven leaders around the world to “bounce back from setbacks and ‘build back stronger’ from stress and adversity.”

Michael has overcome significant challenges in his personal and professional life that have prepared him to guide leaders along their wellness journey. He leverages his own experiences and scientific research to provide incredible value to the organizations with which he works. Through his inspirational keynote speeches and workshops (virtual & in-person), he provides leaders with proven strategies and techniques to build resilience and improve their well-being so they and their organizations can be more profitable, more productive, and have more peace of mind.

Michael is a coauthor of the Amazon Best Seller, “Speaking My Truth: 50 Real Life Stores that inspire, Empower, Heal, and Transform,” in which he introduces readers to his P.L.A.N. Resilience-Building Blueprint. Michael holds several certifications, including Association for Talent Development (ATD) Master Trainer, National Wellness Institute (NWI) Resilience & Thriving Facilitator and NASBITE Certified Global Business Professional (CGBP). He earned an MBA in International Business from American Intercontinental University and a B.S. in Government & Politics from the University of Maryland Global Campus Europe (Heidelberg, Germany). He is a husband, a proud father of 4 daughters and a veteran of the U.S. Air Force.

When he’s not inspiring audiences around the globe, he enjoys spending quality time with his family. You’ll also find him reading a good book, exploring a new bike trail, working out, or sharpening his Japanese jujitsu skills.

Feedback & Reviews

Read what attendees are saying about the impact of Michael’s presentations…

“Michael is a talented speaker who effectively leverages his experience to provide remarkable insights for his audiences. Michael is impressive in the way that he inspires listeners to adopt a process for building their own resiliency to overcome adversity. He has the ability to easily build rapport, credibility and connectivity with a wide variety of audiences.”

John F. Edwards

CExO (Chief Excitement Officer), The Edwards Group

“Michael is an authentic, passionate and moving speaker. He provides effective strategies and tactics for addressing life’s highs and lows. His practical, easy to follow and extremely memorable P.L.A.N. is highlighted by stories and examples that call you to action and stay with you long after the presentation has ended. Whether you are looking for a slight nudge to move down the path that you are on or a bold new redirection, hearing Michael may be just what you need. ”

Myla DeLoatch, CSP

Effective Training and Consulting, LLC

“If you are looking for a professional speaker who can touch your heart, Michael K. Jackson is that speaker. He talks from his experiences and tragedies and shares lessons learned in an easy format to remember, have a P.L.A.N. It makes so much sense and is reasonable to accomplish. But to know what the initials stand for, you need to hear him in person. What makes Michael so outstanding is his warm, easy going style and deep desire to make a difference in the lives of others. He truly speaks from the heart. ”

Darlene T. Carver

MBA, CSJFT/CFCC, Founder, Merlin & Associates, Inc

“Michael is a dynamic and engaging presenter. He draws on his personal experiences and motivates us to help those in need.”

Lewis R. Flax

Flax Associates, LLC

“Michael Jackson is not the famous Michael Jackson but his message is just as important and his passion for impacting others is equally strong. Michael K. Jackson speaks on “Building More Resilient Leaders”, and he helps employees bounce back from setbacks. He gives clear strategies, that when followed, work! “

Karen A. Snyder

MA, CSP, CPF Past President of National Speakers Association, DC chapter Concordia Consulting, LLC

“Michael presents with calm confidence; he inspires attendees to be their best through The Power of a P.L.A.N. I recommend him highly.”

Sharon M. Weinstein

MS, RN, CRNI-R,. FACW, FAAN, Immediate Past President National Speakers Association, DC Chapter (NSA-DC)

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