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Watch Michael in Action

Watch this sneak peek of his powerful message, The Power of a P.L.A.N.

Watch Michael in Action

Watch this sneak peek of his signature talk, The Power of a P.L.A.N.

Are you a meeting professional or event organizer who seeks a dynamic, engaging and inspiring speaker for your next conference or meeting? Michael is at your service. Whether attendees are leaders in business, government or the military, he will deliver a customized presentation that will target the needs of your audience.

Sample transformational programs include:

Signature Session

Best Audiences: Corporations | Professional Associations |  Public Sector and Non-Profit Organizations

After experiencing Michael’s signature message, “The Power of a P.L.A.N.”, attendees learn a proven 4-step “hurricane-proof” process to overcome obstacles in all aspects of their life, whether they are the result of a traumatic experience or every day stress. 

Participants walk away with specific tips, tools and techniques to build their emotional resilience and well-being, resulting in reduced stress and increased profits, productivity and peace of mind for them and their organization

Learning Objectives Include:

Meet Michael

Michael K. Jackson is a global keynote speaker, author, and emotional resilience expert.

As Founder and CEO of Michael K. Jackson International, Michael leverages over two decades of business, ministry, and government leadership experience to advance his mission to inspire, empower, and equip purpose-driven leaders around the world to bounce back from setbacks and “Build Back Stronger” from stress and adversity.

Michael partners with organizations and associations to promote workplace well-being and to equip purpose-driven leaders at all levels with proven strategies and techniques to build resilience so they can block burnout and boost their well-being. He leverages his own experiences along with scientific research to provide incredible value to the organizations with which he works.

Accolades Worth Noting

National Speakers Association


Read what attendees are saying about the impact of Michael’s presentations…

“Michael is a talented speaker who effectively leverages his experience to provide remarkable insights for his audiences. Michael is impressive in the way that he inspires listeners to adopt a process for building their own resiliency to overcome adversity. He has the ability to easily build rapport, credibility and connectivity with a wide variety of audiences.”

John F. Edwards

CExO (Chief Excitement Officer), The Edwards Group

“Michael presents with calm confidence; he inspires attendees to be their best through The Power of a P.L.A.N. I recommend him highly.”

Sharon M. Weinstein

MS, RN, CRNI-R,. FACW, FAAN, Immediate Past President, National Speakers Association, DC Chapter (NSA-DC)

“Michael Jackson is not the famous Michael Jackson but his message is just as important and his passion for impacting others is equally strong. Michael K. Jackson speaks on “Building More Resilient Leaders”, and he helps employees bounce back from setbacks. He gives clear strategies, that when followed, work! “

Karen A. Snyder

MA, CSP, CPF, Past President of National Speakers Association, DC Chapter (NSA-DC), Concordia Consulting, LLC

Michael's Satisfied Audiences Include

Are you ready to equip your team with the tools they need to build resilience, block burnout, and boost well-being?

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